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Web pages creation

Web pages is one of the ways of comunication with customers so presentation on Internet is very important these days. More and more potential customers search information about companies through Internet. If the presentation of your company is missing on www you will lose the possibility of competing for customer and this can lead to significant financial losses.

Our company ensures that your company will be seen on web. Apart from creation of corporation or domestic web presentation we will insert entry about your website into web portals.

We are also familiar with the area of SEO - Search Engine Optimization, so you and your company can be highly ranked in search engines.

Used technology

We are trying to follow standards during the creation of web pages. On the other hand there is an effort to create web presentation that looks the same in different web browsers. Except traditional corporate or domestic web pages we are also concerned with web applications that can be connected to database and these data are accessed through web browser.


  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JSP
  • MySQL

We are trying to satisfy consumers' needs during the creation of web presentations and applications. However www presentation must fit in global corporate design and that is the reason why we need to cooperate with our customer during this process of creation.

Reference web pages and applications can be found on this page.


Process of web pages creation is very time consuming. It is not possible to unambiguously quote the price. Price depends on the required design, technologies used, number of pages, if exists connection to database and so on. We can calculate a price offer for you. The form can found here and you can alson contact us directly.